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Wired Series Smoke Detector Camera

  • 8499

  • It's our pre-hidden, covert Smoke Detector spy camera with wired video connection.
  • This type of hidden camera is most commonly used to serve as a nanny cam or a spy cam. Its uses are virtually limitless. Use it to watch over your house, garage, or office while away. Whichever way, our hidden cameras will allow you to have a second pair of eyes watching for you at all times.

What's Special About This Smoke Detector Spy Camera?

  • This Smoke Detector looks just like a normal household smoke detector would, making it almost invisible to a searching eye. We hide the built in security camera so well, you can put this item in any room safely without the risk of being discovered.
  • This item will have a video output cable coming from the back of the enclosure, and it will need to plug into a standard wall outlet to provide power to the camera inside. Use our Power/Video cable to run a single cable to this camera that provides power and carries the video signal back to your TV or recorder.
  • This Series of camera can connect to any standard TV or VCR for live viewing and recording. You may also connect to one of our stand alone or computer based DVR's for more advance recording and viewing.
  • Included 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.


All our video cameras can connect to any standard TV for live viewing. Simply connect the video cable from your hidden camera to an available RCA input for a live feed transmission. 

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Record digitally onto one of our security camera DVR's! These advanced video recorders store their video directly onto an internal hard drive, eliminating the need to rewind or switch out tapes. The more capacity your internal hard drive has, the more hours of video you can hold!

Windows Desktop PC

Give your self the advantage by recording to your desktop PC using our Geovision PCI DVR Cards! Turn your computer into a security powerhouse with options such as digital high-resolution, motion detection, time scheduled recording, & remote internet viewing.

Windows Laptop

Utilizing our RCA to USB Video converter cable, recording on a Windows-Based Laptop is easy and fast. It's many features such as digital recording, instant playback and viewing, and motion detection make it an excellent and inexpensive option for recording your video events.

How does it work?

This series features a wired video connection. A video cable from the back of the item will need to connect into a television to view its live video feed. Or if you choose, you may connect and record it to any standard VCR, camera DVR, or Desktop Computer