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Terminal Vx520 Dual Comm EMV

Terminal Vx520 Dual Comm EMV

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VX520 machine is perfect for your retail needs. It comes in contactless/NFC and non-contactless versions. You can customize your order by specific model using the available configurations in the dropdown menu. The contactless version can work with NFC enabled phones and Apple Pay when setup with a processor that supports it. Not all processors support NFC or Apple Pay payments. If you are interested in accepting Apple Pay mobile payments, we are apple pay compatible. 

Vx520 Ethernet Terminal

Check for compatibility! - If your using one of our preferred processors the terminal will be delivered fully programmed and ready for service. The VX520 comes in several versions, and some part numbers are proprietary to specific processors. We strongly suggest you check with your processor to ensure this terminal is compatible. The models we offer are all brand new non-locked, non-proprietary versions, of the Verifone terminal.

Vx520 Merchant Account

The VX520 is a great model in the generation countertop terminal from VeriFone. It has a variety of processing configurations including dial, Ethernet, GPRS wireless and comes in NFC and Smart Card (EMV) compatible configurations.

Vx520 Credit Card Machine

Get more out of your payment device with the VX 520. Trusted by millions of merchants, the VX 520 is one of the strongest, fastest, and most reliable countertop terminals available on the market today. It’s a compact countertop unit, delivering ease-of-use, unprecedented performance, uncompromising security and unparalleled features.

The VX520 is a compact & rugged terminal capable of accepting all major credit cards. This unit should meet the needs of current and future processing protocols for many years to come.

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