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Cash Drawer & Printer

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POS Starter package including all the components to connect to an existing system. Plug & Play for a quick install with reliability. Comes with a 1 year warranty & compatible with most brands. We are providing a brand new cash drawer & printer for your business.

Cash Drawer and Printer

A POS system can help you track your inventory by using UPC codes to identify each item you have available. The right software can tell you when you are getting low on inventory with the margins built into each product.  

A cash drawer and printer our essential components to collect money and provide receipts for customers. The cash drawer opens when a sell is ran through the Point Of Sale unit.

This package comes with a brand new star thermal printer with a USB interface. You will also receive a new cash drawer with RJ cable included. 

Star Printer

Heavy duty cash drawer works universal with most POS vendors. The correct POS software should show you the daily report of total sales, coins, and bills in till.The unit comes with a cash drawer insert and interface cable with a set of keys. The interface cable connects to the printer and opens the drawer after a signal is sent from your printing device. You can network your POS system and connect to a Ethernet printer (Kitchen printer) so both printers print a slip when order is imputed into your POS software solution.

16.2" W x 16.3" D x 4.3" H, 554  Painted Front, Dual Media Slots, Color: Black.

17 LBS 19 X 19 X 7*

Standard 5 Bill

5 Coin Till

2 Cash Drawers



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